Rexfly Fishing Products

Fly Fishing innovations to improve your fishing experience. From the truly revolutionary Rexfly Casting System to stripping baskets and accessories, Rexfly strives to create products that will make you a better fly angler by improving your casting mechanics and accuracy. 

Q:  What happens if I hook a big fish on the Rexfly? 

A:  The Rexfly allows you to quickly and easily re-attach the fly rod on the reel by simply sliding it back on which automatically disengages the reel from the harness mount and locks onto the rod.  Check out the "Winter Fun With The Rexfly" on the video page to see how easy it is.

Q:  Don't I need a reel on my fly rod for balance? 

A:  Absolutely not. You can answer this yourself by taking your fly rod to the park, stripping out some line and putting the reel in your pocket. You will immediately notice how light and easy it is to cast without the weight of the reel. In 5 minutes you will likely be casting farther than you ever have before.

The idea of balancing a fly rod was really pushed by reel manufacturers to get you to buy more and more expensive reels.  Back in the '80s, no one was talking about balance and a reel was really just a line storage device. As rods got lighter and lighter, heavy reels didn't allow you to get the most out of these high-tech rods, it wasn't an issue of balance but of overall weight. Reels try to get lighter to the point they are even making them out of titanium. Ever drop one of these superlight aluminum reels? The rim bends too easily causing the reel to catch or even stop. They just don't last like they used to. With the Rexfly you can use heavier, more durable reels and even use reels larger than you need so you have extra backing and less line memory.

 Q:  Isn't this just one more thing to get in the way for my fly line to wrap around? 

A:  You will actually avoid tangles by having the reel mounted to your chest. Remember that it is the slack line hanging down from your reel that get caught up on your vest, clippers, boat cleats, etc, as you keep flinging that slack line around while you cast. With the reel on your chest, the line simply hangs straight down and does not gut flung all over the place. 

Q:  Is the Rexfly suitable for use in saltwater? 

A:  Yes, the Rexfly is made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic with polypropylene webbing so it is ready for saltwater use.

Q: Why does the shopping cart say its empty when I try to check out?

Some versions of Internet Explorer do not properly process orders into the shopping cart. Try using Chrome or Firefox to complete your purchase or call 801-856-4244.

Q: What if I have a problem with my product?

A: All products can be returned for any reason within 90 days of receipt. In addition,  all products carry a 10 year Manufacturers Limited Warranty. If your Rexfly Casting System fails for any reason, email with a picture of your issue, estimate of date of purchase and you will receive a replacement part. Any issues with the Flask Pack Chest Pack Combo will require mailing the chest pack to 8460 S. Taos Dr., Sandy, Utah 84093. 

Rexfly Flask Pack Combo Warranty does not cover repair or replacement of any parts damaged by misuse, vandalism, modification, neglect, accident, improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, or any cause other than defects in materials or workmanship.  This Warranty is valid for the original registered owner only and is non-transferrable.



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