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Fly Fishing innovations to improve your fishing experience. From the truly revolutionary Rexfly Casting System to stripping baskets and accessories, Rexfly strives to create products that will make you a better fly angler by improving your casting mechanics and accuracy. 

I had a chance to try the RexFly out on false albacore yesterday out of Jupiter Florida. Lots of action with some really big albies. The RexFly did its job with flying colors and it was great to take the weight of the 10 and 12 weight reels off for a full six hours of casting. Popping the reel back on the rod with the line screaming out was smooth and seamless. The RexFly is staying in my salt water tackle bag for sure!
— Fly fishing author, casting instructor and Pro Joe Mahler
Joe Mahler fly fishing for false albacore with the RexFly

Joe Mahler fly fishing for false albacore with the RexFly

I fish out of a kayak and this piece of equipment is perfect. It frees up your hands to paddle yet keeps your flyrod handy to use. I love it!
— Charles H., Ennis, MT
Fly fishing out of a kayak with the Rexfly Montana

Fly fishing out of a kayak with the Rexfly Montana

I LOVE IT! On Sunday, it was so windy that with my three flies I kept getting wind knots. Just having the Rexfly to hold the rod while I stood in the river to work through the knots was wonderful. Normally, I would wade back to the bank and sit on a rock to do it because it’s so hard to hold onto the rod and remove knots at the same time. Also changing flies was so easy having the Rexfly to hold the rod. And, casting without the weight of the reel I already knew would be great BECAUSE I use a Tenkara rod a good deal of the time, and if you are familiar with Tenkara, you know there is no reel which makes casting so much easier. I could vouch for that portion of Rexfly before I even tried it. The harness set-up is very comfortable and was not in the way at all and felt weightless.
— Sydney J., North Carolina
I’ve had some time to fish mine, and it’s really great. Anything for some wrist relief.

The best test of the entire system so far was this carp: long cast, clear line, slide rod onto reel, remove outfit, and fight fish. It was seamless.
— Ben H., Virginia
My brother got a Rexfly and I was a huge skeptic cause I’ve always believed you need a reel to balance your fly rod. I tried it out and I could not believe the huge difference it made in how the rod felt in the hand. Casting was effortless and I quickly found myself casting farther than ever before. I’ve had to eat my words.
— Josh M., Utah
It’s so much better. Its so much lighter. I didn’t think a few ounces would make a difference, you know, cause I’m a guy. But after casting for only a few minutes it was a huge difference and I seemed to have more control. Very cool!
— Darius R., Nevada
Customised Rexfly to get my brother fishing again after a near death accident left him with only one good arm.

Back plugging and catching again. Fantastic product.
— Lee M., United Kingdom
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Hayden Jordan Adaptive Spinning Rod.jpg
So thanks to an awesome girlfriend and company, RexFly , I am able to fish again!
— Hayden J., Tennessee

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